Welcome to Kirydashi Egyptian Maus.  We are a small hobby cattery in western Washington dedicated to
showing and improving this special breed of cat.  Egyptian Maus  from Internationally winning lines produce
spectacular silver, smoke, and bronze spotted babies!
The Egyptian Mau is an extremely intelligent cat coming in the colors of silver, smoke, bronze, black, and blue.  The silver color is the most often seen
varying from a bright shining ground colour to a darker almost pueter color.  Smokes also have a wide variance in darkness.  Bronzes tend to vary more in
their degree of reddish tones, some exhibiting a high degree of rufousing (called "hot") and others much less with colors being more subtle.  All colors can
have spotting of varying contrast.  While the black is accepted for registration for breeding, neither they nor the rare blues are shown.

Physically the Egyptian Mau should be an elegant cat, well muscled,with  the impression being one of power and grace.  Maus have beautiful black eye
liner, lipstick, and paw pads as well as the traditional "M" shaped scarab on their foreheads.

Egyptian Maus are moderately active-- they love their toys and will play even as adults.  Intelligent cats that form close intimate bonds with their people,
Egyptian Maus will often choose a favorite person in the family and dote on that lucky fellow-- they love to help with even the most mundane chores!  If
taught , they like to go out with the family and can easily be accustomed to a harness and leash.  At the same time, they are great lovers of a "lounge on the
couch for a good movie,"  but watch your snacks!
If you would like to experience a truly unique feline relationship, feel free to
contact us about the possibility of letting a piece of spotted royalty rule in your
           KIRYDASHI  CATS
Egyptian Maus and Persians
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The Egyptian people worshipped Maus, Pharoahs mummified Maus to accompany them in the afterlife, and Maus
were immortalized in the myth and stone of Egypt. While Bengals, Savannahs, Safaris among other hybrids may
owe their origins to the Egyptian Mau, they will never have the Mau's honored place in history. Other cats can
only envy the singular status and intelligence of the Egyptian Mau.  Elegant, loyal, and athletic, the Egyptian Mau
has overcome world wars, efforts in their native land to exterminate them, and early challenges with a limited gene
pool here in the United States to attain it's Championship status.  With the work of diligent breeders who sacrifice
much to broaden their genetics and improve health and temperament, today the Egyptian Mau is a vibrant, healthy
breed with a bright future to compliment it's venerable history.  Out crosses to imported Egyptian lines and
judicious use of the Indian lines are producing stunning results! Egyptian Maus are making the very best
companions, winning in the show halls, and even continuing their history as working cats in therapy and service!
Egyptian Mau